Why German Sausages?

The members of our company have always loved cooking and we have a fascination for the way food shapes culture. Back home in Germany, every region has a particular style of sausage it is known for, as though the sausages define the place. There’s a pride about this particular food that simply has to be experienced to be understood — and it only takes one bite to get it.

We think it’s important to not only experience the food of a place, but to also understand the love and ingredients that go into that food. When it comes to sausages and the spices that make them unique, many sausage artisans heavily guard their recipes, so it can be difficult to taste these rich flavors without extensive travel. German Kenya Sausages’ mission is to share this deep culinary expression of Germany with more people in Kenya.

It took a lot of work to gather and perfect all of these recipes over the years, and we’re happy to report you no longer need to travel all over Europe to experience these traditionally-crafted flavors that have been kept secret for so long.

German Kenya Sausages Catering

Why Make Sausages in Kenya?

During our 10 years living and working in Kenya, we discovered a high demand for quality sausages, and a significant lack of them in the country. Having immersed ourselves in Kenya’s local food traditions, we also realized that many of the same spices used to make our sausages in Germany were readily available here.

Our market research showed we had a viable business idea, so we went to work testing recipes and sharing them with our friends around Nairobi to get feedback and refine our flavor profiles. The positive feedback was overwhelming!

German Kenya Sausages Company History

Founder, Thomas Hirth, started German Kenya Sausages in 2015 to share the authentic flavor traditions of Germany in Kenya, where he’s spent the last 10 years building businesses and helping others do the same.

Although we were already familiar with the food industry in Germany, we attended workshops and seminars to deepen our knowledge in traditional sausage production, food processing, and hygienic standards in the food and beverage industry.

We worked closely with a German sausage expert to acquire all the needed equipment and training for our new venture. Once everything arrived, we began hiring and training new staff to familiarize them with the production process, hygienic standards, and traditional cooking methods for each recipe.

Later that year, we finalized our recipes and showcased samples at various events to ensure our products would satisfy our customers and meet local market demands.

After applying to KEBS and receiving the needed certificates, we began selling our high quality sausages to supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants in major cities around Kenya.

Today, German Kenya Sausages is known for its promise to deliver authentic high quality sausages to happy customers in Nairobi, Mombasa, Niali, Diani, Eldoret, and Kisumu.

German Kenya Sausages Team
German Kenya Sausages Production
German Kenya Sausages Curry Sausage

Try Our Sausages!

After many years of constant research, traveling, testing, and eating, German Kenya Sausages are now available in major cities in Kenya!

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Fantastic flavours! Fantastic customer service. Rogers and Issa were amazing in delivery to my home. Good job!

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Best Sausages

Best Sausages, very tasty can only say yummy ,yummy!!!!! Excellent Customer Service , thank you.

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Must Have!

Best sausages EVER!!!! You got to try them for sure

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Super Quality

Waaaay above the others. You guys are in your own league.👍🏾

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