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German Kenya Sausages offers a variety of the highest quality sausages from traditions around the world. Each sausage boasts a unique flavor profile and, depending on the style, they can be cooked on the barbecue, sliced for cold sandwiches, or served as hors d’oeuvres at private events. We use only fresh local pork, beef, and chicken in our recipes. All of our sausages are gluten free and made without artificial colorings or preservatives.
Below you’ll find a selection of our product list. German Kenya Sausages currently has a selection of over 30 sausages to choose from.
Vienna Sausages Kenya

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Beef sausages
Looking to offer the highest quality sausages to your clientele at your hotel or restaurant? We offer both traditional Kenyan and German-style sausages to suit any palate.
We know adding new items to your menu can be a big decision.
Contact Us to request a variety of samples you can try at your restaurant before switching your sausages to GKS. We’ll even come to your location and show you how to prepare them according to tradition!
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A pork and veal sausage with a Swiss flair. Its light color makes and sweet aroma it caramelize well on the grill, and its mild flavor makes it a popular item for every palate.

Pork & Beef  |  Smoked

Best barbeque sausages Kenya


Known as Farmers Barbecue Sausage, back home, this mild pure beef sausage seasoned with black pepper, chili, and cardamom. Its recipe varies from region to region.

Beef  |  Smoked

Pork sausages Kenya

Wiener Sausage

The classic street sausage of Germany and Austria. It has a smoky flavor with garlic notes. The wiener, commonly dipped in mustard and eaten on the go, can be served hot or cold.

Pork & Beef  |  Smoked

Vienna Sausages Kenya

Chicken Sausage

Our staple white meat sausage made without pork or beef, has a mild sweet flavor. On the BBQ, the outside caramelizes to a crisp while keeping the meat inside tender and juicy.

Chicken  |  Smoked

Best BBQ Sausages Kenya


A savory dry pork sausage seasoned with nutmeg, caraway, and coriander.

Pork & Beef  |  Smoked

Big Boy – Bockwurst

A traditional beef and pork sausage, flavored with ground white pepper, and our special herb blend. It has a mild smoky flavor and pairs well with most beers.

Pork & Beef  |  Smoked

Beef and Pork Sausage

Pork Sausage

The most popular German sausage! Our GKS blend of lemon, garlic, nutmeg, cracked white pepper, and marjoram, will take you to Deutschland and back in every bite!

Pork  |  Smoked

Cheese Barbeque Sausage

This savory pork sausage is loaded with cheese. Seasoned with our proprietary blend of spices and grilled over fire, it turns any BBQ into a true German party!

Pork  |  Smoked

Kenyan cheese sausages

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Best Sausages, very tasty can only say yummy ,yummy!!!!! Excellent Customer Service , thank you.

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Best sausages EVER!!!! You got to try them for sure

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Waaaay above the others. You guys are in your own league.??

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